Utah’s Light Art and Creative Technology Festival

Activities and Art presented November 12 and 13

Luminous Outdoor Labyrinth
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The Intersection of Art + Science + Creative Tech
Large Scale Projection Mapping

Utah Arts Alliance announces the fourth annual ILLUMINATE: Utah’s Light Art and Creative Tech Fest. ILLUMINATE  is a free celebration of innovation and imagination for the community, art lovers, and families. Artists working with technology and using light as their medium will use the city as their canvas and create projection-mapped artwork, light art displays and exhibits for the community to experience throughout the month. 

To accommodate COVID safety, ILLUMINATE moves away from the traditional festival model to present artworks to be enjoyed throughout the month on a self-guided tour without the concerns of a mass gathering. From large-scale projections to intimate performances to the introduction of Lumen Land, ILLUMINATE invites the community to experience art together, yet separate, as we explore the healing power of art. 

During a time when the industry is dark, the Utah Arts Alliance is proud to use our resources to support Utah artists and Audio-Visual technicians for ILLUMINATE. We strive to keep pushing new levels of innovation and creativity in Utah.


  • Large Scale Projection Mapping at City County Building, The Gateway and McCarthey Plaza
  • Spy Hop Student-designed projection display at Kahlert Youth Media Arts Center, Spy Hop’s new home
  • Light Bike Ride
  • Lumen Land
  • Luminosity Curiosity Showcase
  • Virtual STEAM Lab 

ILLUMINATE headquarters are at The Gateway. Stop by Dreamscapes or the Urban Arts Gallery for information. Don’t miss the Art Shop Windows, Digital Clocktower and projection show while you are there. 

ILLUMINATE features installations and performances by more than 50 artists in addition to educational and inspirational online content from our partners: Sundance Institute, Utah Film Center, Spy Hop, Discovery Gateway, Clark Planetarium, Dreamscapes, STEAMpunk Academy and more.