Light Museum

Between Restaurant Row and the Olympic Fountain on  Rio Grande at The Gateway

With more than 30 light installations from local and national artists, The Gateway is transformed into ILLUMINATE’s light museum. Tour the works along Rio Grande throughout The Gateway. Head upstairs from the Olympic Fountain to visit the Light Lounge. 

Viewing on your phone? Try turning your phone horizontally for best viewing experience.

No. Title Artist(s) Location
1 Frog Prince Zafod Beatlebrox Art Car
2 Understated William Venable Rio Grande
3 Mini Spectral Zephr Ted Crenshaw Rio Grande
4 Mr Berry Romantis & Baroness Bitsy The Colossal Collective Rio Grande
5 Street Lamp Dust Devils Rio Grande
6 Beacons Derek Dyer Rio Grande
7 Soft Playful Edges CARO CARO Light Lounge
8 Havasaurus Rex Dust Devils Rio Grande
9 The Skull Skull Crew Rio Grande
10 Canopy Pneuhaus Rio Grande
11 The Vortex Christopher Condrat Light Lounge
12 The Suffusion of Yellow Toler Arts Light Lounge
13 Fiber Optic Phenix Wings Mike Miller, TÆchro, Ran Stewart Rio Grande
14 Jelly Roll Utah Arts Alliance Art Car
15 Jumbo Lite Brite Kim Angeli and Eric Crowther Rio Grande
16 Chromosphere Christopher Condrat Rio Grande
17 Tokyo Lights Weston Lay Light Lounge
18 Duck Car David Shelton Art Car
19 Illumi-Lamps Kaycee Lane Stairs by Fountain
20 Playa Canopée Weston Lay Light Lounge
21 Bioluminescence Visual Trigger and Steven Bride Light Lounge
22 G String Chris Callor Top of Stairs
23 Living Ruins Joshua Samson and Justin Chouinard Rio Grande
24 Macabre Chandelier Rio Wimmer Rio Grande/Bridge
25 Oversized Reading Nook Rio Wimmer Rio Grande
26 Astro Bubbles Sparklight Labs Rio Grande
27 The World The BLOCKS Rio Grande

Augmented Reality

Download a free app and have an interactive experience with augmented reality enhancements on many of the murals throughout the Gateway.

Augmented Reality experiences have been created by image8creations, in collaboration with the original mural artists.